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N6 cage diameter

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Are the cages in the N6 and R62 the same diameter? I ask this because when you look at helical kits the N6 is never listed. In a previous thread Goalie David said he had installed some channel helicals in his N without much problem. Was wondering what the differences in the two cages are.
I'm needing to pull my rotor this winter to replace the cylinder bars and may change to the channel helicals if I can find ones that will work. This machine is used for wheat and milo.

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Thanks for the information Pete. Where do the little blocks go? I think Goalie David said he played with the positioning of the helicals so that he did not have to drill new holes.

Ok, gotcha! How many different pitch options are there to chose from? Just standard and steep pitch or are there more?

Krawler, do you think with steep pitch all the way through that you would need to keep the reverse bars or put the f2 bar in? I would also like to get rid of the cage sweep.
The thin layer of material makes sense to me, probably would keep the P1 rotor for now and add the F2 bars. I've read most of the Gleaner Hyper Mods, but don't know how much applies to corn and soybeans and how much applies to wheat. I figured that some of these mods would work well in one crop and maybe not as well in another.
Pete, do you run P3 bars all the way across the rotor or just on the separator end? If one would go with a complete P3 rotor are any mods needed to make it work in the N6?
Thanks for your ideas and experiences Pete, this has turned into a good discussion.
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