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N6 cage diameter

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Are the cages in the N6 and R62 the same diameter? I ask this because when you look at helical kits the N6 is never listed. In a previous thread Goalie David said he had installed some channel helicals in his N without much problem. Was wondering what the differences in the two cages are.
I'm needing to pull my rotor this winter to replace the cylinder bars and may change to the channel helicals if I can find ones that will work. This machine is used for wheat and milo.

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I got a kit from NDDan used large thick flat washers and serrated flange lock nuts to bolt through the cage. I have 4 seasons on them and haven't had trouble with them loosening off. I believe the channel helicals were out of an R62. I got a kit with steep pitch over thresher and standard over separator side. If I was to ever do it again I would go steep pitch all the way. I was also able to ditch my cage sweep since using the channel helicals.
I am learning I almost think the faster the crop moves through the rotor/cage the better. It keeps the crop mat thin and the seeds can separate easier. If you generally have tough straw conditions I don't think you want any reverse bars. If your straw is generally dry and breaks up easy you could get away with them. You would likely get more shoe load though. I put an f2 bar right in the bottom of the belly of the cage when I put in the channel helicals and I've never run without it. I think if you felt the crop mat was moving too fast there's enough room to install two of them to restrict flow. I get a bit of build up of straw on the top of the cage and on the right hand side upper rear of the cage in wheat. I also install covers across the section of cage above the concave otherwise I get straw build up around cage. We grow barley, lentils, and canola also and I get no build up at all from those crops.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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