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n6 engine trade for 91 r60??

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I have a 1984 n6 that turned around 2450. It turned loose this summer with a lot of blow by and some water in the oil. I bought another 670i out of a burned (cab fire) n5. I am in the process of changing in this week. I was told it had 500 hours on the motor???????? I know it was rated a 190hp were the n6 was to be 220. I thought I might change the pump from mine to the n5 motor. My machine only has 1800 hours and is rwa and very clean. I have also been looking at a 1991 r60. Don't know what to do. We also have a 1997 9600. It was down more than the n6 until the last three days when the motor turned loose. I am new here but have grown up around and loved the gleaners all my life. I run three Deere tractors 4450 8770 and 8870. Here is the old girl
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It was a 1480 and I agree it could be hard to keep three colors running. I have about 2000 acres and my dad works with me. The year was long and we were ready for it to be over. I traded the 1480 in last fall on a tractor and I am putting the motor in my N6 now. I sat it in today and got some things hooked up, wish I would have paid more attention to the wiring
I am looking at a couple of r60 gleaners now and trying to decide Werther to trade in the N6 or keep it. I found a 89 R60 with dual tailings rwa and in pretty good shape but has some hours on it. As for the crop this year it looks really good, but that can change with one storm. We are getting ready to put in a little corn and some Milo and the ground is in great shape. We have had some good rain that we really needed. Thank you for the interest and I will probably video the first start up of the N in the next couple days.
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