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n6 engine trade for 91 r60??

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I have a 1984 n6 that turned around 2450. It turned loose this summer with a lot of blow by and some water in the oil. I bought another 670i out of a burned (cab fire) n5. I am in the process of changing in this week. I was told it had 500 hours on the motor???????? I know it was rated a 190hp were the n6 was to be 220. I thought I might change the pump from mine to the n5 motor. My machine only has 1800 hours and is rwa and very clean. I have also been looking at a 1991 r60. Don't know what to do. We also have a 1997 9600. It was down more than the n6 until the last three days when the motor turned loose. I am new here but have grown up around and loved the gleaners all my life. I run three Deere tractors 4450 8770 and 8870. Here is the old girl
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I just watched your videos, ienjoyed them alot. Your N6 still has a lot of life in with only 1800 hours. In the one you were in a 1460 I think. Said you would run 3 combines next year. That would be quite a variety. Do you farm with your family. You also seemed a little discouraged by the yields and the weather. Hope the rest of the year went better. How is this year looking.
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