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N6 Rear Tires Question

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I currently run 12.4 X 24 tractor lug tires on the rear of my N6 Two wheel drive, I am needing to replace them and was wondering about going to a wider tire, Any options on size? looking to replace tires and Rims.

Would the wider tires cause two much stress on rear?
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Turkeyman, my new N6 had larger tires and specialty widened rims on the back when I bought it a few years ago. Those larger tires tipped the combine forward and contributed to a lot of trash buildup on the drop pan. In the past the series 3 1985 N6 had been used in hills of east Washington and I suppose they were installed for those steep slopes. I would take $1,000 for the pair of specialty rims and tires. With the factory recommended tires wheels which I bought well used $750 the combine sits pretty level now. Steering as near as I can tell is about the same and was no clearance problem on mine. I think but not positive my axles etc are stock. I have no major slopes to deal with on my little poor farm. I can go check the sizes if your interested but know they are considerably taller and wider than the 'stock' wheels and tires. I'm located mid Willamette valley Albany, Oregon.
Dwight E. Lambert, Albany, Oregon:)

Just went to shop and checked. 14.9-24 6 ply rating, one Good year other Alliance appear to might near full diamond treads. Some weather checking around diamonds, sidewalls don't show any. Rims are several inches wider than stock rims and appear to be well made and tubeless. Series 3 1985 N6 and was used in hill country some of east Washington. I replaced with original size due to the combine sitting low in front and problem with drop pan trash build up. That solved most of trash build up. I think my axles etc are stock and I can't tell any big difference in the steering with the now stock sized tires. I paid $750 for the 2 stock rims and well used tires I bought. Gleaner parts man said the larger rims and tires should bring at least $1,000. I'm located mid Willamette valley, western Oregon.
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