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We built this sprayer a few years back and it worked well for us. We chose a Gleaner N6 because they hold 300 bushels from factory which is more weight (wheat 18000 lbs) that the 1600 Stainless US Gallon tank full of chemical (13000 lbs)
We normally sprayed at 9mph to keep dust down and to control the 130' Aluminum Marflex boom.
We have a zynx GPS with mapping and auto boom sectioning for 5 sections. Everything is controlled from the hydro joystick.

We have since rented out our land and are selling off our machinery. We are sacrificing this way below our cost. E-mail me if you are interested. We live near Melfort, SK.

You will notice one photo shows it going through water. We were very impressed with what it would go through and with the suspended boom you actually had less tracks than a lot of other options in the mud.
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