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Have a 1992 1680 that developed a leak at the rear seal at 2800 hours. It is a cummins engine. Took to dealer to have seal fixed and they said seal was turning in the housing, put a new seal in fix problem. Brought machine home from dealer and now it leaks worse than when we took it in. I read the previous post about loctiting bolts, not sure if they did that. I just want to try and gather as much info as possible before I go back to the dealer to get them to fix it again. I know they will try and give me some lame excuses as to why it leaking and they shouldn't have to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

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Whenever we have a rear engine seal get loose we always replace aluminum hsg that the seal presses into along with the new seal and make sure to use a seal with wear sleeve.
Like others said always loctite the small bolts that hold it in .
Been working on these machine since they were introduced,have never had to go back into a machine to replace a rear seal again.

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