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need help setting 7120 in spring wheat

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I have a new 7120 with a 40ft draper that I am having trouble losing grain over the sieve and I am looking for some advise. I a 1 5/8 cloz pre sieve and top sieve and 1 1/8 bottom sieve. pre sieve is at notch 3 top sieve setting is at 10 bottom is 7 in cab. rotor 980 fan 770 concave 11 tailing's are running about 30% and 80% engine load. I can only get 2.5 mph before I really start throwing it out the back and it don't seem to matter if I am in 60 bu or 80 bu wheat. the rotor loss is zero it is all coming of the sieve I have tried tighting the sieve more, opening the sieve more, more wind less wind can't seem to stop it. The only thing is that it seems like when I go down into a low spot the loss go down allot when I am heading down hill so I am thinking of raising the back end up one more hole on the axel. It is set to where the book says it should be but has anybody went a little higher?
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Do you have small wire concaves in front and large wire concaves in the rear? It sounds like you are puttng to much MOG on cleaning shieve.
I have the same trouble with my 8120. I have the small in front and large in back. Really appreciate it if someone can help. rotor 950 fan 1000 presieve notch 3 top seive 14 bottom 7 concave 15. I have tried lots of different settings. This is just what i had last.
first thing, is pinch point on concave set correct? need to check this first and foremost, where are transion vanes set, normally middle position, if its hard thershing may need to use hard thrashing modules, some folks say they work fine, some hate them, what does sample look like, need more info, scott.
I am running small wire in front and large in back. pinch point is correct. I am not sure on how high the grain loss sensor is off the ground but I did raise the back axle on more notch which is as high as it will go and it seemed to help. It sounds like there is a kit to cover up the holes under the chopper to prevent more MOG from falling on the sieve but they are not availble yet. tommorrow I am going to try a 1 1/8 sieve to see if there is a difference since I have never had good luck with a 1 5/8 in wheat.
try this setting-rotor at 1100, fan at 850-900, concave at 5, presieve first notch, topsieve at 12, bottom sieve at 10,if your grain loss sensor is 58 inches off the ground your back axle is in the right hole.
I'm having similar trouble with our 8010 & i have seen an earlier post on here to raise the back end of the top seive into the bolt holes which are approx 2" higher than the standard holes, will need to make extended linkage adjustment arms. Dont start harvest til late october here so I cant tell you if it works. I'm guessing you may need to run fan a little higher to prevent fan plug which would in turn keep MOG suspended more to let more grain fall thru, run bottom seive pretty much fully open. Not sure if 7010/7120s have these extra holes. The post also suggested setting seive box calibration 1 degree to the left because of tailings return going back into right side of top seive, if anyone has tried these ideas, let us know what happened
The sieves should never be moved to those other holes, there is no need to and it will cause problems with your air, it will escape out the back. Tilting the sieve sounds good and I have tried it , but it better to reduce the tailings by threshing it better in the rotor. Your bottom sieve is too tight it's choking off the air to the top, try 9-10 bottom sieve and 11-12 on the top sieve. Open the presieve the width of a kernal of wheat unless it high yielding wheat and go one more notch. 850 to 950 on the fan.
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