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Cut the bin full and shut separator off and swung auger out to dump. Unloaded grain bin and swung auger back in. Tried to kick separator in and no go. Had 71e code. Shut combine down and tried to restart. No go. Finally was able to short across starter and start machine. Engine ran fine. Was able to idle up. Gauges worked. Lights and A/C work. Header and reel height works. No separator engage. Can't start with key. Thought I would take it to shop and try to figure it out. Parking brake is engaged. Buzzer going off. Brake is locked. It is an early model with electric parking brake lock.Anyone ever had a similar problem? How did you fix it. Thanks for your help

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Might be an idea to read through this first
and this

Hopefully not your problem seeing you have other electrical gremlins in the system. You say you have power for the header and reel raise/lower, but do you have power for the rest of the armrest controls (concave, fan, auger, swing, cig lighter etc)? What works and what doesn't? As the park brake is out then it's possible you've lost power to the rest of the armrest. From memory I think there are a couple power circuits to the armrest controls.

I've always said that the first place to look for mysterious electrical bugs is by cleaning out the multi pin connectors on the RHS of the cab with air and contact cleaner. Then start by checking to see if you have any relays or breakers that are hot in the main electrical box, and work from there to see if you can get power to the armrest. Follow your way back from the multi pin connectors and check the harness for any rub throughs or shorts. The 71e is a worry though :(

Good luck!
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