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Need older IH combine for 200 acres

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We want a 4 row 30" head and 12-15' platform. Like to stay under 15k. I've looked at 1440's and 1460's are these machines generally good? Is there a machine that would work better in my price range? I have to have A/C. What kind of hours will the drivetrain normally go without trouble? I know wear parts will be different from one machine to the next.
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For those size heads a 1440 would be a good fit. I think you might have trouble keeping a 1460 full. We have a 1440 with 5k hours and a 1460 with 4100 hours and know of a 1420 pushing 7k hours. There isn't much to the drivetrain as long as the
hydro is good. We put a rebuilt trans in the 1440 2 years ago because we lost a bearing and it chewed up the gears. I would think you would have no problem finding a really nice one for that kind of money. I bought the 1460 this year for $6200 and all it need is the A/C recharged. Ran 100 ac of oats without even a hicup.
A 1440 comes to mind but I think you'd have some problems with tread width with the 4x 30" cornhead, especially in mud or down coen, though a neighbor ran a 4x30" on a 1460 for a few years. I ran a 1440 for several years, originally with a 944 ch and a 20'1020 platform and later went to a 963 heaad & got along fine. Corn yields usually ran 175bpa+ and beans in the 50-60 bpa range. So the 1440 would have the capacity for larger heads if you ever expand.

Another good IH combine for the size heads you are talking about would be a 715. Problem is they are getting pretty old and need a lot of work. Getting parts might be somewhat of a problem as well.

my neighbor had a 1460 and was going to put a 4 x 30" cornhead and the combine was to wide.
my boss has a 1440 with a 14' or 15' platform and for corn he has a jd 4r 30" that he built a plate so it would hook up and has had no problems out of it
I have a 1460 mechanical spec rotor with a 15' grain, I just up graded to1666 and need to sell the 1460
He will if it gets muddy where the combine starts cutting ruts.
We replaced a 715 with a 1420 five years ago... essentially the same size machine, just better throughput and efficiency, as well as much easier to find parts since many things are the same for the 14 and 16 series. We have had great luck with the machine, run a 4rn (30") and a 15 ft platform, and it runs well with them. Mine has a turbo but I think that was a factory or dealer option as you don't find many with them. Look online at tractorhouse, there's quite a few on there, maybe there will be one close to you.
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