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In the mid seventies my Dad designed and patented a hydraulic soil sampler that mounted on the rear bumper of a pickup truck. It had an 12v electric/hyd power pack and was capable of tAking core samples up to a four foot depth. In the nineties he redesigned his machine so it Could be operated remotely and take a one foot sample and have a collection pot.
Over a course of thirty years dad built and sold over two thousand of these machines mainly in western canada but many in the US, three in Australia and a couple in china.

Many were sold to sask/man/Alberta wheat pools, esso and ugg service centres.

Sorry to be long winded post, dad stopped production about ten years ago but there is still a small demand for them. We would like to buy back some of these and recondition them for resale

They were white with red hydraulic cylinders and would have a Doty Enterprises, carlyle, sask tag on them.

If you find one let me know


Trevor Doty
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