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New Holland CX 80X0 series

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Just wondering if anyone on here is running these machines. I hear lots of talk about the CRs. we have demoed the CR in the past and wasn't overly impressed with it, mainly with the rock protection, or lack their off. The local dealer still has a piece of the rock that went threw the combine on his desk, glad he was running it.

I am wondering how the capacity compares between the CR and CX, what the grain quality is like, how hard are they to set in crops like canola, hard threshing two row barley and Wheat, How are they to maintain and how does the straw chopper compare to the CRs.

Thanks guys.
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Farmerleach a friend of mine ran 2 8080's this fall, but I haven't heard how they made out.
If you want I can give you contact info, just phone me.

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