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New holland p2070, case precision 800, flexi-pd5700

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Did a bunch of research on those drills before we bought it. We got a good deal on it to replace our 50' seedmaster. Its bigger than we wanted (70') but the deal was right. We put on the 3" dutch precision tips and are working on changing the hubs to fit on the flat free bourgault packer wheels. and this is where i think i will freeeeek all of you guys out..... Pulling it with a 385 quadtrack with no chip. :) :). how is it doing you ask? if you do the math, a seed master with 3/4 openers uses 1hp per opener X 120 which equals 120 hp and this p2070 with 84 openers dutch says needs 2.2 hp per opener. thats 185 hp. Our first field was soybeans in sand set at 1.5" deep going 5 mph the display showed 44 acres/hour 0.3 gal/acre at 65% power usage. The second field was heavier sand with some wet spots. normal going 90% power and the wet spots were 105% power but still going 5mph. That showed 0.4 gal/acre.

I will update you on how it does on our heavy ground but so far if we can go faster in worked ground without throwing as much dirt as our seedmaster did. Where it surprised me was when in low spots with a lot of quack grass, the seedmaster would make a mess with huge clumps of dirt and this one made a far better job in that condition.

Will update as we progress and the weather cooperates.
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Is the flexi-coil pd5700 available in canada. Its not mentioned on their website.
We also have a 2070, just wondering how you like the job the Dutch openers did? We are needing some openers and currently have the nh style on it. I would like to try something else, ther has to be something better for plugging. Ours has 16,000 acres on it, looks like it is going to need a bit more maintence over the next couple years, there are bushings on the shanks worn out, packer tires are about done. The flat free packer tires will be nice, we were changing one or two tires a day. I look forward to hearing more about your experience I have been happy with the job it does that is for sure!
We are using a set of the original nh openers and have to keep it around 4mph to keep from moving to much soil and if it been worked 3mph. Our tires haven't been to bad with about 15000 acres on drill. They came and put stop leak in them under warranty. Curious about the dutch openers also.
so far we like them but have only done the little seeding we talked about. We are doing canola in heavy stubble as we speak in a heavier soil. I will try posting on our progress.
Is the flexi-coil pd5700 available in canada. Its not mentioned on their website.
Yes. Badged as a New Holland P2070.
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