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Just to delivery of a new to me T6050 and somewhat confused as to what I have. Salesman said it was a rotary pump but when it came today I lifted the hood and to the back of the motor left side there was a pump with two lines for the fuel filter and two lines going to what sure looks like a rail with lines to the injectors. My 02 Dodge had a electronic rotary pump and this is nothing like that. Also there on the firewall was a module labeled Agricultural Diesel Solutions that looked like the old timing box I had on my Dodge. Went to there website and they only list modules for common rail engines in the 6050 as the other two engine options were mechanical rotary pumps. Everything on this tractor points to it being an Elite version. The transmission has a joystick with push buttons for all power shift gears, no shift lever movements needed except the shuttle shift. It is not the super steer version but it does turn on a dime. Planting is going to be a pleasure with this unit. Twogun.
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