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Here is the TF 78... you will not really see these outside of Europe, and were the dog's .......s untill the arrival of the Lexions.
They started with the TF42 in the early-mid eighties but these were under powered then came the TF44 and the TF46 the largest with a 24' header a great machine in their day.
The 40' series then became the TF76 and the TF78
The TF78 is basically a TF46 with an enlarged grain tank more electronics and the horrible Iveco engine as opposed to the twin turbo V8 merc and a 30' header option.
The same applies to the TF76 with regard to the TF44....but on a smaller scale.
The TF 78 and 76 machines are the base chassis and cleaning shoe / seives for the CR range that you now see and also the AFX 8010 case Axials, the cab is the same also except for a new roof.....
They have been replaced with the CR range, which at the time claimed a CR980 had a 25% increase in capacity over the TF78 which strangely was about the same as the HP increase that the CR980 had over the TF78.....go figure
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