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New John Deere Conventional ??

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I'm posting this here instead of the Deere page because I am wondering what the demand is for conventional combines, of all makes. I know that they are more popular in Europe because of the conditions over there, but what is the demand like in NA?

I had thought that I had read some where that John Deere was leaving the Conventional combine market and focusing on the Rotary combines. Then today I was at the local fair and saw this:

It is a conventional. It has straw walkers. Looks to have a auto fold hopper extension. So maybe the Deere guys can tell the rest of us about this machine.
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perhaps I should google things first. Heres a site with info
I think that the t series combines are geared towards the guys that windrow and bale up their straw (ie Canada and Europe). On the flip side, you can make a rotary produce very good quality straw, at least the red ones(not trying to start a war). So I am not sure how many of these Deere is planning to sell, but I don't think it will be many.
Gee Guru and Hillco........these guys just got here.......and you're already talking of "demo's."


Really, I know what you all mean.
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Is it similar to the 9660 WTS? It looks quite european just like the 9660 WTS was. I am assuming it is the 70 series version basically the same as 60 series with a few improvements like the display and such.
Sam, that was already done. Deere ran both walkers with rotors concurrently, for a few years, before finally phasing them out, as did all the other manufacturers.

The rotary revolution was good for everyone, except Gleaner, which had had such a poor reputation with the first generation of N's, even into their fourth year, that dropping the conventionals, really hurt Deutz-Allis' sales.

The other combine manufacturers also graduated in the rotaries, after a while. The revolution was over, although Deere was the last bastion for walkers, until just 2-3 years ago.
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Yeah our dealer got 2 of them in early before the general release in NA from Deere to demo.
What we saw with head to head comparison of our 9650W is the t670 will do just as good of job on grass seed as the 9650w but will do it quicker, we picked up 1-2mph w/ the T.

Also the sample was very very good, and miniscule loss off the sieve(couldnt find any seed in what is a very light crop to begin with), no loss on the walkers. we had a cx 9070 NH running along side and it was losing an unacceptable amount (500lbs difference sample test)
overall impressive new machine from Deere, should help them compete in the grass seed market where convential still rules the day.
we're exploring the idea of trying one from the dealer to see if we'd like it... there are alot of rotor machines around here, but alot of guys still prefer a conventional walker machine. while a rotor is better off at first and is easier to operate, if you allow enough time to properly setup a walker machine for your operation speeds, demands, etc. It'll do just as good of a job as a sts will.
Guru: Nobody has em avaiable for demo yet, which is why we're still exploring. My dad prefers a walker machine over a rotary...mainly because it's all we've ran. Kinda falls into the can't teach an old dog new tricks category

I think that the new conventional will sell if deere allows a 2-3year window for people to see that it's good. Everything i've heard is that the 9650W's had electrical problems and around here most people are afraid of them because of the rumor mill at the coffee shop.
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From what I was told at Intro, they will basically only be available in Canada as that's the only market for them they said, about 50 units/year they think.
We have been running two of the T670 since the last part of June with great scuess. This machine has proved to be more than we were expecting. These two machines have been up and down the valley and been in the field with everyting from 7700, 9650,60,70STS, CX8070 AND 8010. Average ground speed in fescue was 3.2-3.5 with high quality straw for bailing and wonderful looking seed sample in the tank. We have been able to obtain 5-20% clean out depending on what the customer wants. I just came back from the field we were running in tonight with 4 9600 3 9650STS and 1 CX8070. Customer was very happy with what he saw out of the back of the machine and what was in the tank. 3 week ago in fescue with the 8010s we were running at 3.7 mph and the 8010 was at 3.5mph and the customer told the salesman he could almost bag the seed in the tank. I will get the bushel weight numbers i have at work but so far this has been great. We have had 2 of these machines since may. This should be a great grass seed machine. As ryegrass slows down we will be installing rubber concaves so we can go into clover seed to see how it will do. Pics to follow.
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Word here in the northern part of the willamette valley was the fuel usage was very low for the performance. In fact, allmost incredably low fuel usage. I missed the local demo so all I have is second hand words.

Now that we have the NH cx and the new Deere T around, it wont be long and we'll see Cat get some new technology in their walkers and make a very competetive marketplace for the seed guys.
The T670 really has me interested - there are several good clips and info about it on youtube.

I inquired with my local dealer and he said that it has appeared on the 09 model yr. price list

If you go to JDparts and type in T670 you can look at the parts diagrams of it. It has a alot of 96xx walker traits to it.

Good features: 9 L engine rated at 360 hp (Tim Taylor Grunt)

walkers with changeable grids and wood block bearings (finally)

2 speeds on the power separator and replaceable grates - no need to pull it all out

the front overshot beater is serviceable from above

a good chopper and chaff spreader

For us here in the midwest a few problems I see:

no variable speed feeder house system for corn heads

no duals or large rear tires - 600 65r28 is largest rear

I am unsure of what concave you can get - full wire or half wrap wires like 9xxx walkers came with

wish the 3.3 bu unload was available.

there are alot of parts that begin with Z or AZ prefix, are they readily available in the U.S.?

If this dude can hang with a 9770, burn less fuel and be reliable, then a T670 may be a bigger hit than some think.

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Well it just looks like a next gen WTS, it still is lacking alot of things that make it a high capacity combine. Only a 300bu hopper and 2.2bus/sec unloading, the chopper is just ok it will probably be the same as WTS, if its a euro combine it is not designed for large and heavy headers. I'll bet you can put duals on it but deere doesn't offer it for import reasons, because really how is the main frame and axle that different than a 9600? I would call it a real life class 6 combine, it would only appeal to guys that want to bale. A walker combine is still exactly that, separation is achieved through the walkers (and sieves as well) isn't that why the whole industry has went to some sort of rotor technology? because walkers leave unexceptable losses.
I have to search for loss behind my walkers and usually when I do find a seed I wonder if it wasnt there before the machine made that pass. You make it sound like the walkers do all the seperation however in fact if you dont have the cylinder do 98% of the threshing you will have loss, The shoe in a 9600 wont loose any grain if set up right. Ill give you an easy example, in heavy yield 64lb bushel weight white wheat I had a 9600 with 30ft head cutting 3.5 mph with 1/2 bushel/acre loss, the other identical 9600 with ZERO loss, operator of the first rig was pulling his hair out, could not figure out where the loss was, closing the concave from 2 to 1 eliminated all loss making the two operate once again identical in speed and loss, only difference in the two is one had more hours on the rasp bars and the moisture was still up from the dew. Both machines have the beater grate in the bottom position and no beater curtains. And another thing, EVERYONE knows rotor machines take more HP and burn more fuel, my walkers use maybe 80 gallons in a 12+ hour run in heavy wheat.
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maybe but then why did the whole industry change to rotors and the walker demand went out the window? Because there is more capacity in rotors, look at a the Lexions, they got rid of the bad things of the 2 designs and used the more efficient features. Everybody that I have ever talked to says they are so glad they got rid of their old 9600 for an STS so they didn't have to see all that grain on the ground. I think the T670 could be a great combine but not high capacity.
I beg to differ based upon first hand encounters of it... also most say the walkers have a cleaner sample than the STS. I never really had much trouble getting a clean sample out of my STS but it's what I know. It's all personal preference and really in wheat you don't really need the 3.3 bu/sec auger, it's not pouring in like it would be in corn or soybeans.

It just boils down again to what fits YOUR operation.
No doubt these machines will work great out of the box and surprise even rotor people but give them 2000 seperator hours and then see what they are made of. Ive seen plenty on this new deere design for a while now and see problems down the road with some of the transition areas through threshing that will be a concern for people who jam alot of acres through them. Repairs are not going to be easy either having more cylinders and another concave in the middle of the seperator. The previous walker machines are proven to provide like services into the 10,000 hour range when maintained properly and they are relatively cheap to maintain compared to rotors, However I see repairs with this machine in the 1500 hour range exceeding the costs of overhaul on an STS. Again all depends on what crops and how heavy they are.
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