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For those who might be heading to the Canada's Farm Progress Show in Regina this week, we are showing off our new row-by-row flow monitoring systemat the LaunchPad on Thursday @ 9AM, or we'll have our demo at the booth all week.

If you haven't heard of it yet, we put together a pretty simple system that has a Wilger flow meter in each liquid fertilizer/starter/innoculant row, and sends the signal to an app via WIFI into the cab.

You can see the flow rate (row by row), as well as any blockage or overage. The nice thing is the accuracy is high for lower flow applications, as well as being able to use a single system to monitor up to 3 different products (or rates) over 196 different product runs.

Anyways, come by the show, or ask any questions if you have them.

More product info is on our website:
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