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new rear axle suspension?

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Hi Guys, i´m brand new in this forum, and I would like to know if someone heard anything about rear axle suspension in combines...

maybe in John deere...

like the TLS system in the front axle of the tractors (6000 and 7000 series).

I think it could reduce the autocontour systems work in headers...and will increase the operator confort... (increasing the prices..but not too much...)

maybe for the next combine generation?

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That would be great for those of us who farm in parts of the country where we have to rely on surface drainage with "water furrows", which are small field drains made with a pto rotary ditcher. When we cross them we have to slow to a crawl. The big tires on the front aren't too bad but when the back axle hits them it lurches pretty badly and can really slam the header around when you're cutting beans, running right on the ground. I've often wished for the ILS on the rear.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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