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Welcome to the forum.

You will be glad you joined.

I need to thank the folks on here. I came on mostly looking for tips on setting a combine, and I have read quite a few of them here. Eventually, I found a reason to sign up and interact, which has been fun.

Please allow me to share a recent experience. This past September I found myself once again running combine for Farm Rescue, in NW North Dakota. Finished up a case of Durum for a farmer who had a lung removed due to cancer and then hauled the Farm Rescue combine over to a case where the farmer had been injured when he fell off of a truck earlier in the harvest season, with the doctor forbidding him to run equipment for awhile (and the pain caused him to follow those orders...).

We had to change the concaves over to round bar. It was the farmer's first year of raising chickpeas--he had never cut them before either. He was concerned as he said a neighbor of his has a combine similar to the Farm Rescue combine, it also had the oem round-bar concaves in it, and that neighbor had been having trouble trying to get a clean sample in chickpeas.

I was able to start just a bit before sundown: as usual, though I had never done chickpeas, I worked at it a little, setting the combine based on the principles and tips I have learned here on the combine forum. The farmer told us he did not want us to cut a lot that evening as he wanted to take a sample in to the elevator the next morning to make sure we were doing it correctly. Made sense to me: we were all rookies on chickpeas.

I was shocked when he came back from the elevator the next morning and told me that the guy at the elevator told him that was the cleanest sample he had ever seen!

I need to thank you guys on this forum: I always set the combine using the tips I have learned here. I really appreciate it (and I am sure the farmers I run for appreciate it as well).

So, Thank You guys. You are probably more helpful to people like me than you realize.
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