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new to wheat ?s

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Need to combine 100 ac of wheat ,and need to keep the straw. I run a '03 2366 with a specialty roter. Need to know what to run for seives, have 1 5/8 in top and bottom will they get a clean sample. Is it worth getting a shorter bottom seive. I do alot of oats as far as small grains go. Then i do corn and beans the rest of the fall. Some corn is high moisture for dairy cows. I run slotted grates and large wire concaves for oats. Then put keystock grates for corn and beans. Please post any suggestions

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I would pull your stationary chopper knife plate out, and just let the rotating knifes throw the straw to the back. Your specialty rotor will chew up any kind of straw you had bad enough. Especially in really dry conditions. We can never bale any straw out of our 2366 other then durum and canary seed straw.
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