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New toy

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Got our new 6088 home today. The unwashed 2588 looks rather dull beside it. Too bad they don't keep their shine in the field.
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technologically challanged, don't know how to do the picture thing
Dec 30, 2008, 7:47pm, coleslaw2388 wrote:what had to brag you got it but deprive us all of pics so we can see i just washed my friends 2188 and it looks dull too next to my truck which i just repainted case ih red

Here ya go

Goalie is my father and after looking through the operators manual I'm pretty sure I know who is going to get to drive it. He will have enough fun trying to adjust to the 600 monitor in the 2588, it's quite a step up from what he is used to in the 2144.

Have a good one
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U will really like that pro 600 monitor.... just take some time to get used to it

the hardest thing to remember is the summary page is under the performance tab if i recall....that doesn't make alot of sense
Nice looking machine, best of luck with it! What size and type of header will you be useing?
36' 2062 flexdraper and a 1083 corn head. Actually I can handle the monitor situation just fine. I'm hoping if I let 110 drive it he'll feel like making the payments, but I doubt it!!
nice lookiing machine they did a nice job of reengineering the classic axial flow. did you get accuguide?
Is it correct that nearly everthing in the states/canada is an option? In other words you can build the machine to your exact spec. Over here in Aus, they bring the machine over pretty much optioned up apart from some productivity enhancing kits. Main factory options are wheels, rock trap and chopper. Other than that everythings on it for both 88 & 20 series.
FT, no accuguide. We do mostly custom work so lots of times corn is planted with a different width planter than our head. Besides, I don't want to spoil the young lad
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