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new xx88 question

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It seemed to me like the button to push the reel out and bring it back in was backwards to me. Is that on all machines or do I need some hoses changed around
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What do you call backwards? The left or right.
Picture courtesy of 5088man formerly known as 2366man's spiffy new combine.


The logic here is the closer button position to your hand pulls the reel closer to you,
the far button pushes it away, obviously.

That is how MacDon does it as well.
I see we have a poster named casefarmer and one with a picture of a CIH combine.
What logic do they use for header and reel up and down?

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they do fell a little backwards at first, but within a couple of days it's all good.
don they use the logic of a hydraulic lever. Since you usually pull a lever to go up and push to go down the buttons are arranged the same. Its also the same logic as an airplane...which makes it easier on me.
I thought that argument would come up and to that I say AS SOON AS WE GO BACK
TO HYDRAULIC LEVERS, fine, it should be done that way.
If you lump all harvesting equipment together only Lexion and CIH operate their controls this way
accounting for less than 20% of the market at least in NA.
The other 80+% conform to the "standard".
If you confuse your combine and plane controls I don't think I'd want to fly with you.

And I do fly with a friend, he has a MF combine, he makes out fine flying.

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Haha, with all the gadgets in these combines anymore you have look twice to make sure you're not in a plane, hahaha j/k. Even on electro hyraulics do you not hook it up so that you pull back on the little button doodad (can't call it a hydraulic lever)? Also CIH and Lexion only acount for 20% market share total in NA, i would think just CIH has more then 20% Another thing is it would have been a positive transfer to make back be up from the maximizer to the 50,60 and 70 series. I have a friend you is going from 9600's to a 9860 that he just baught...i told him he is probably going to put the header in the ground atleast twice this harvest.

Idk it just seems like the Case has it the natural direction to me, i've never once had to stop and think which way to push the button to make the header do what i want...except after i was running a 9660.

Oh and Don, you may have ridden on one of my flights and not known it
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What i mean buy the hook up comment is that even on a tractor with electro hydraulics don't you hook up the implement so that when you pull the little lever aft the implement raises?
I used to be a commercial pilot but i got furloghed from the airline i flew for about a year ago. It was a feeder airline that operates Embraer 145s for United Express, American Connection and US Airways Express. They lost all of there American Connection flying...I lost my job.
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I agree wholeheartedly with you. I know I've been adamant on this in previous discussions, but I much prefer my inverted y-axis. It just feels right.

I still think farm equipment needs customizable controls so each user can set them up the way he is most comfortable with. Anyone with me?
Yeah I agree it should and easily could be customized. heck even the new 88xx series go into ur a post and have old or new. Directions. Hopefully case won't change it. Both of my uncles feel ur pain jd. It was hard to get used too

That's like this new d**n concave numbers on the xx series. What was wrong with 0-8. Now were 0 to 44 or some crap. I have to look at the book every time now

Just give us the option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They should make them switchable with a switch like they do on excavators. Would that really that hard?
This fall hooking up the corn head with hydralic deck plates, the dealer had the hose on the corn head single point hook up in the wrong spot. I unscrewed the fitting from the back and moved it over. won't it work to just switch the hoses side to side to reverse the operation of the control. could be an easy fix for people.
The up and down is correct in the case.... im talking your reel going close to the cutterbar and then pushing it away from it..

those seem backwards from the 2588... if i had room to breath this harvest id have double checked..

I as well agree that the up and down of the head is correct on the case... screw the rest of the 80 percent of the industry... and screw metric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sure it on wrench's makes more sense i suppose.... but it still sucks..

Man it took a long time to get used to this handle... wait till your unoading on the go and you hit the button and it doesn't shutt off and you see you hit the auger in and out..

i guess 3/4 of the way threw i finally got more used to it.. but man....that sucks..

i love the shift button in back and being able to tilt the fd 70 really fast...

and im just 28!!!!!!!! dads really going to complain when he gets the 6088 in a few supposed to be young and adapt to changes better.... guess im just another stubborn d**n farmer..

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Yeah, combines as complicated as plane.

I actually don't understand your point on hook up?

As to the 20%, note I said lump all harvesting equipment, in which I include swathers.
I also made an assumption there that all swathers fit the "standard".
I know MacDon does and therein lies my beef.
I jump back and forth between MacDon and Lexion during the season, I NEVER have to look at or use MacDon controls in the wrong direction, I ALWAYS eventually use Lexion the wrong way, they are simply not logical.
Fore and aft reel and header tilt on the Lexion are also backwards to MacDon, very handy!

I was going to suggest that if you are used to CIH you could jump in a Lexion without a problem
but I think the reel and header switch positions are reversed between the two. More

As to positive transfer, yes I'll buy that, the two hours I ran a maximizer it also was backwards, but that would only be on 50 series, when 60 series came out Deere jumped on the standardization bandwagon.

I gather that you are a commercial pilot then?
Since almost all my long distance flying is Westjet I probably have not flown with you
(I see your out of Kansas) but that is still neat to know.

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hmmmmmm....i went from a 96oo to a 9660 this year....header switch seemed a** backwards all year....geuss whatever u r used to
well thats what i was wondering...i thought maybe they just hooked that up would be easy to do...

i'll give it a try
He is only talking about switching the hoses for the reel slide in and out...shouldn't throw codes.
I always thought that it was the most comfortable and safest way, because your thumb always seems to be on the raise button and has to reach for the lower button. So in case of a problem you raise the head, worst case scenario, instead of dropping it in the dirt/ditch/stump/rock/etc.

Just my thoughts and experience
On our CaseIH 8860HP and Hesston 9240 swathers we were able to switch direction or completly swap function of switches by moving the wires around on the solenoids under the cab.
We still can't make the machine guns fire with the trigger on the front side of the Hesston control stick
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