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the 96c, 996's or whatever the newer numbers they have the bearings on the front of the stalk rolls?

we moved to 24" rows many years ago and bought 4 used 962s to make our narrow headers from. they are wearing out and we are running out of parts and new parts are becoming harder to come by. they have served us well and been tough headers,,,,,,hate to see them go really as we have never had those 2 gears in the gear boxes ever give up. though they look more complicated, they really hold up well and my thoughts on that are because they 4 shock absorbing drives at work, really 5 when you count the row clutch. lot's of chains but we replaced everything with the HD 60 chain and since they have been relatively trouble free.

sorry to ramble but they have been really good heads to us.

also, anyone running metal row dividers and looking for a tough & slick coating for the metal??? get 5 gallons of Fiberglass Resin & 1 gl harder, if you want to color them you can get a gel that mixes easily with the Resin or just add Enamel paint of your choice to the mix and apply to the metal. we put 4-5 coats on and in standing corn it will last a full season with just small high wear areas to touch up. it will make the metal dividers as slick as poly, and 5 coats also add strength to the divider itself.

thanks, joe
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