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Hi there. Maybe to return a little bit of the favor for all the great learning experiences I've gained from this board about various crops and locations that I've never had the opportunity to see first hand, I figured maybe some would like to see a little bit of my nursery plant harvest.

Depending on the plants and the methods for digging, I have several configurations of beds and trailers for this tracked Morooka crawler. Right now I am having to haul froma selective dig which means not all the plants are dug and I have only the sprayer isle to load and haul from. Some of the plants are not to size yet is why this one dig is selective.

I got tired of only hauling 3 pallets and the time it took to swing 2 of the pallets around so I could unload them with a forklift. So I doubled my productivity for very little cost and only a couple hours time invested. I welded a few pieces of channel to the outside of the bed and borrowed a pair of 72" forks from a friend for my loader tractor. Not as quick as a forklift, but hauling 6 instead of 3 way more than makes up for the time lost unloading.

Here's some pics to go along.

Bringing in a load.

72" forks. Gotta be careful running around with those things out there.

A quick'a'tach fork setup I made for the back for many reasons, but here to use as a counterweight.

Reaching for those front pallets. So far, knock on wood, no touch the bed with the hood....

Sometimes it works out that I can load from the side when starting a new isle. Usually only 1 or 2 loads, then back to loading from the back. It's nice to ahve the option though to load from any direction.

Supervisor is getting impatient. He wants to get going for another round.

Ok, so back to the field for another load. Had a few pallets outside the isle, got them, then back to the isle. If you've ever ran an excavator with a swing boom, you'll wonder how you could ever be without one. I've had this one for the last 4 or 5 years and though it works super with the bucket, that swing boom is just priceless for a forklift setup.
Swing left.

Swing right.

Lots more trips to make, so I best get to it.

Thanks for looking. Hope its not too out of the realm of nature for this board.
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