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NO REALLY!....It's cheap!

So I step on the wheel-brake and spin my 4440 around...and hear a POP..and a CRUNCH!

Hmmm..the 4440 spins and executes the corner as planned...but 'clicks' it's way back down the field....she broke...:mad:

Right-hand final drive sheet-a-cog....I ain't mad...She's got three-bazillion...two hundred and twenty-three zillion-two hours on it....{plus new cab interior!..:eek: }

JD wants $5000 for the housing(less ring-gear new)...I did not price further.

I did scrap-yard me some decent gears and a sound housing..and purchased about a thousand bucks worth of new bearings, races, seals, shims, spacers, etc

My wife asks why I didn't buy a new tractor?....Well I didn't want to spend a quarter-million dollars is why...I feex-it myself!
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