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old iron 5400 new knife issues

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My family farm runs a 5400 spfh. The main gearcase went out in it three years ago and I rebuilt it. Put a new clutch in it the old one looked good but didn't feel like taking a chance. I also put new cutter knives in it they are just the old j-knife style is what I call them. I used the special height tool to set them went to set the shear bar or cutting bar and on both ends of the knives I have a large gap but in the middle I can get it to its .005 to .015 range. I took a straight edge and the new knives have a arch to them the old ones where straight across on the cutting edge. Has anybody seen this before and what have you done to fix it?
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Yeah, you got to grind it into a true cylinder. Can be nasty with the old j knives!
Thought of this in the middle of the night. Did you replace or rotate your shearbar also? What kind of knives did you get JD oem knives or kooima? Rebuilt a 5830 once with kooima's crap and after 50 loads the shearbar was actually warped. Has approximately a 3/4 inch warp in it. I keep it in the shop as a reminder to never buy from kooima again. That's probably been 7-10 years ago and your post made me dig it out this morning. Not that I hold a grudge or anything...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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