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old iron 5400 new knife issues

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My family farm runs a 5400 spfh. The main gearcase went out in it three years ago and I rebuilt it. Put a new clutch in it the old one looked good but didn't feel like taking a chance. I also put new cutter knives in it they are just the old j-knife style is what I call them. I used the special height tool to set them went to set the shear bar or cutting bar and on both ends of the knives I have a large gap but in the middle I can get it to its .005 to .015 range. I took a straight edge and the new knives have a arch to them the old ones where straight across on the cutting edge. Has anybody seen this before and what have you done to fix it?
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Yeah I ran it for about 5 minutes, right now I can set the middle of the knife to have .005 clearance with the bar and both ends of the knife will still have 1/16" gap or lil more. And the bar is new also. Do I just need to keep grinding?
O ok, thank you guys for the help. Dad ran it yesterday and its still pulling the engine down so I'm hoping its just because the knives are to far away.
They are new JD knifes and new jd bar. That's good to know though!
Do you think that the gap I have on both ends would cause it to pull the engine down a lot easier.
O ok that makes sense. Thanks guys!! There's hardly anybody around that knows anything about spfh let alone ones this old
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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