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Old Yield Monitor

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My old black box monitor bit the dust. Should I upgrade it to the new pro 600 or go with a new complete aftermarket system?
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what went wrong? Is acting like it had a brain aneurism? It probably just needs new internal batteries. One you can change, the other is soldered to the circuit board. Have your dealer send it to Ag Leader in Ames, Iowa and have it fixed. I had to send mine in last year, I think it cost me like 100 bucks. A little cheaper than the 5-10K for a new system.
what model combine? FYI Pro 600 is not supported in 1600 series.
If you do upgrade, i have ran AgLeader's insight in our 2188 and it worked great. Now have a Pro600 in our 8010, also great. Depends on how much red equipment you have, could you use or will you use the pro600 with anything else? I wouldn't be afraid of either.
do you have to change out everything to put in the ag leader?
Yes, you would have to buy a combine kit. New moisture sensor, and flow sensor and necessary wiring. Probably around $3000. But, i dont know if you would have to going from your old one to the pro 600? My guess would be you would have to buy newer sensors anyway. Good luck.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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