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The early 70 series only have two real bugs which they then fixed on the 2009 models. They are: the feed acc belt which went from a double wide to triple and the concave motors broke off and a support was added which solved the problem. The 2009 models had a new curse which was the slip clutches, JD changed suppliers and got a batch of really terrible slip clutches, supposedly fixed on the 2010 models, i'm sure there will be an update for the 2009 models. We have been running the powercast tailboard for two years now and with 40ft drapers it is the only way to go. It is not required if your picking up solely 30ft swaths. The new command centre in the 70 series is very nice, takes some getting used to. The 70 series got ALOT better chopper than the 60 series and also has an option for Xtra heavy lift cylinders which are a must have if using large/heavy headers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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