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Overheating 9870?

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Its about that time again to bring the combines out and harvest wheat!
But the past fall harvest we were having problems with our 2 combines under an average load 230bpa corn at 4.8 mph and it would tend to overheat. We looked everything over and it seemed to be in order. Any advice on what to do. BTW we cleaned out the radiator daily granted there isn't much trash against it.
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I know it may not be a big help, but pulling the muffler off may get the heat out a little quicker?
There is a PIP out for 13.5L engines reguarding the fan shroud and overheating problems. It is classed as a "Fix as Fail" so you have to report the problem to your dealer then they can get the PIP issued for your machines and it will be covered for free.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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