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Pea/oat mixed production

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Hello everyone,

Have been wondering a little about what growing a mixture of oats and peas for grain production would be like.

Has anyone tried it? Any idea what the yields were for each crop once separated? And how hard was it to separate?

I am already growing oats but always thought this could be an interesting combo. Would have to be worth it financially, obviously.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!

I never really considered the maturity dates. We don't have a ton of experience with peas, so I wasn't sure how big of a factor that would be.

Canola is an interesting option that I was considering as well, and it sounds like that would be the way to go. Would be with Clearfield canola as we are contracted in for a bunch of it this year.

Anyone have experience with that? Just felt it would be hard with shattering from swathing, ect. Desiccating to straight cut wouldn't be the best option as the canola is for seed.

Thanks again,

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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