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Hello, I am a technician at Agricultural Diesel Solutions and just wanted to give you more information about this question and our product. The module such as the one for your 9500 combine comes with four different positions ranging in 10%, 20% and 30% gains in horsepower and fuel economy. Understand all these ratings are "up to" their percentage ratings however lot of farmers see a lot of success in the high setting with no engine lights. This module is load based meaning while idling or under very light load it does not add power, under a light/medium load you will see some power gain, and under heavy load you will see the max gains. The specific part number for your 9500 is an RE1000. If you have any additional questions or would like more information on our products feel free to call the tech line number, send me an e-mail, visit the website, or our Facebook page.

Email:[email protected]
Agricultural Diesel Solutions
Tech line: 812-618-9168
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