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I would like to try a beater speed up kit for our 9600 and I ran acrossed precision farm parts in ND. I called them for some prices and info. The guy made complete sense when he was talking about the beater speed up kit. Being the cylinder is larger in diameter the outer edge spins faster than the outer edge of the smaller beater even if the shaft speeds are 1 to 1. To compensate for that they have a 60% increase in beater speed to make the outer circumference move as fast as the cylinder outer circumference. Sounds like a good setup. The beater needs to move the straw away as fast as it comes at it. Well my question is should I get this kit? 60% is quite an increase. Deeres kit is only 25%. Has anyone used the 60% kit and how did it work? Thanks
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I heard George Kuchar talking about speeding up the beater on a 9600 at a seminar. I think he said something about switching the pulleys around, but I can't quite remember. You could give him a call, I am sure he would help you out.
I used to think that 60% was a bit much too. I've changed my tune on that exactly for the reason that 60% does match the beater to the cylinder. I have talked with guys who have run it and it works well. I thought grain damaged might be an issue but it's not. If you think about it, if the grain is not damged by an aggressive rasp bar hitting it against a sharp concave with tight clearance, why would it be damaged by a beater with flat, round-edged slats hitting it against a less-aggressive beater grate with an inch of clearance? It makes you wonder why Deere even found it necessary to sell a 25% slow down kit.

The other concern I had was bearing wear. Again, just think about it. The crop mat is pulled through faster, thus making it thinner. This, in turn, puts less force on the bearings. I tell guys to just grease them more often. Beater bearings don't seem to be a high-wear item anyway.

Get the PF prethresher plate too. Between it and the beater speed-up kit you'll get a fairly significant performance increase.
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I used the beater kit and the pre-threshing plate. I don't now if it helped that much in wheat and I traded machines before I ran it in barley. We had way more straw than wheat though so that might have made a difference. I heard it really helps in barley. Where we had wheat to match the straw it seemed to do pretty good.
Back in the day the titan machines ran 125% beater speed. Kuchar and others use the deere 75% kit and reverse the pulleys. We have ran the deere kits on ours and that is plenty of speed to do the job especially with modified beaters. 60% is way too much.
Cant see how the prethresher plate works well anyway, I guess incertain conditions where you would need filler plates in the front of the concave anyway you might realize something,
Cut some hoes in the prethresher to allow grain to go through to the augers and then it will do some good I suppose.
Where can I guy find out info. on this prethresher plate??? I can't find it on their website and they haven't answered inquiry by mail??? 2006 JD 9560 STS combine
It is on the walker machines. Not a rotor one.
Im not exactly sure what a pre-thresher plate is. Is there a link to a picture of one that explains how they work?
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