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(pics) CIH 5088 arrival

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Today our new combine came so here are some pictures of that.

out with the old.......

In with the new!!!!!!!!

Truck with the tires

Changing tires

Finishing cleaning

Out driving around in the snow!

Comments/ questions welcome!!

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Awesome pics. Still waiting on the 900's for our new one. Now I have combine envy!!! You have inspired me to maybe snap some photos when ours arrives.

Yes please do take some pics... i like to look at them!

Looks good- are you getting new heads also? What yr was the 2366, how many hours were on it?
2366 err 5088man,
Is that a new 5088 or is it one year old?
Yes we are getting new heads do to how hard it is to adapt the old ones over.
The 2366 was a 01 it had 1300hrs.

Looks nice. How many acres do you cut? What sort of crops? Have you run Axial Flows for a long time?

It is brand new but an 09 model


We are run about 1,000 acres in mostly corn.

We have been running Axial Flows since 1980. This is our 6th one.

Eric, do you know if they made any changes from the 09's to the 10's? Other than a price increase of course.

I really don't know.. I thought that ours was a 09 but it turns out that it was a early 10.

Some of the updates I know about

Increased vacuum fan housing thickness (running change 09)
Stationary air screen alignment and cooler box door updates
Gearshift sensors added
Increased chain size on elevator drive chains to 60H (running change 09)
Another unloading spout change
Bigger unloading auger swing cylinder
Rotor gearbox shift mechanism re-designed
Spreading system (similar to Europe) still uses curved bat spreaders but has twin hydraulic spreaders at bottom for chaff

Lots of other little changes too - always striving for a better product
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Nice looking machine! Is that road salt coating it? If it is couldn't the dealer pick a day to deliver with dry roads. Kinda a downer having such a high dollar purchase doused with salt!

Yes it is.... that is a very sore subject!

What dealer has your old machine. Anything wrong with it?
There wasnt a thing wrong with it,

It sold really quick so the dealer took it direct from our farm to the new owners farm...
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