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Pics of Alberta harvest

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Yes basically.
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More food grain harvest pics

We got ourselves a convoy

Ready Set Go

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I thought 7 combines was a LOT!

How many acres did Ya'll take off, if you don't mind me asking?

Did ya'll have a barbeque too? How many 'bines in total?

just a few pics from harvest foodgrain harvest was in Strathmore Alberta

foodgrain harvest convoy
T670 ready to go
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I don't know where the heck Hussar is, but y'all have some pretty country.

edit Nevermind, I guess it's in Alberta
It was 160 ac.
Yes ,there was a que
24 in convoy 45 in field
Food grains harvest = charity event.

Everyone who has a few hrs of free time brings their 'bine to help take off the crop, which is taken to a local elevator, and the money is then used to help needy people around the world.

Inputs are donated by various crop production stores, and the labour is also donated by area farmers/custom crews.
Nice pics.

from which manufacuturer are these grain tank covers?
nice pictures. But why are those 2 red combines way behind the John Deere's did you give the green ones a head start or did you lay a double swath for the red ones just to make it fair? (jk)
Great pics. Those rolling hills must keep things interesting.

Reminds me of the food grains harvests near Winnipeg- mostly green machines.
rico......looks like those grain covers are made by Harvest Pro-Tech.
(Thank goodness for Google)
They do look pretty neat.
I've had both the black and the yellow Michel's tarps. The yellow
has away more light in the hopper.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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