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picts of my burnt 9770

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thought this might be iteresting, insurance company thinks its cheaper to fix than salvage, what do you think? We were in sunflowers fire started around the fuel tank.

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thats sucks okharvester, what caused fire, scott.
sheesh i dont see how they can think that okharvester. maybe the frame/underacarage is warped. that way it would be a total!!
I wonder if they know it burned the whole computer motherboard on the back right of the machine as well as the engine? I wonder how it couldn't be a total loss?
I can't either Alex and BTW thanks for "verticalizing" these pics.

I'll be surprised if it wont take more to fix that than if they totalled it out. Besides the obvious ones, there is probably several bearings that wont look heat scorned but that got hot enough that they should be replaced too.
Good luck, Keep us informed of the progress and send pics as they fix it.
Oh Deere

I don't really like the idea of fixing it. Not very familiar with the jonnies but there must be a lot of wiring damage. My guess is it will never be the same again, even when fixed. It will be very interesting to see how you get on.
Good Luck!
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Rusty, I can promise you, what's left of that poor combine is beyond repair.

Rest in peace, dear 9770.
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Okharvestor I think you should look for a second opinion. I think it should be written off , Sorry and good luck!
They think. Few years ago a local 9650 burnt. Insurance guy who was a retired navy guy and knew nothing about farming. Said it will be cheaper to rebuild it. So he got the JD dealer to put together a list of parts to rebuild. Turned out it was cheaper to buy a new one then rebuild the 9650.

Take care,

Theres no reel way they will repair it but its another may they can use to stall having to pay out money. Funny how when you owe them its gotta be paid in full right now and when the shoes on the other foot there in no hurry to pay you. they have been imposible to get ahold of, and two months after the case was filed now they decide I have to have a dealer get a estamate to repair it. I thought thats what the investigator or adjustor would be able to do that.
I'm sure that having a "bona fide" dealer assess the situation and present their own quote of estimated repair cost, is a good barometer for insurance adjustors to go by. Otherwise, it's just the owner's word against theirs and what do they really know of a combine's value, let alone repair costs.

Again, just sorry this had to happen.
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where are you located in sw ok?? is that where the machine is?
No, Brew, the fire happened in N. Dakota. It was sunflowers, a crop that burns more combines than anything else farmers can grow.
He's located somewhat close to Altus.
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If he's that worried about an "outside" opinion, I would get with several dealers and have them give you a quote, should give you a good average. I do know the rate to repair such machines is higher in Canada (shop rates $$$). Also not all dealers will rebuild such a machine, I would check up there first though
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i wouldnt want that in our shop it looks like a bad deal ready to happen
Why did you put it out? A few more minutes and it would have been no questions asked.
If this gets fixed that tells me:
1. There wasn't enough fuel in the the tank
2. The wind was from the wrong direction and by the looks of the auger spout it was.
3. Fire fighting efforts were too good.

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