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Pictures of 7088 56k beware

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Here are some picture that I took at the Racine Co. Fair 2008.
Case Ih had sponsored the concert, which was Craig Morgan, and had a few toys there to show off. Rumor had it that Case bought a 1460 from a local farmer and fixed it up. Craig Morgan was going to drive it into the concert and start singing "International Harvestor" but that fell through and he just ran on stage and sang his songs. Oh well.

If you look real close there is a fence and a lot of red beyond it. All the Case Ih employees got to get right up to the stage for the concert

And lastly my son and I next to a 335 magnum

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using the smaller cab because it fits the small bodied machine. and it uses a lot fewer electronics. 8010 cab to large for it
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