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Power boost or power bulge on 2588

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I have a 2588 and it states it has a power bulge or boost not sure if there is a difference. The boost takes it from 305 hp to 330 hp. My question is can I have the extra 25 hp all the time becuse if it is there why can't it be there all the time. Or is the only option to put in some sort of chip to get extra power.
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No way to select the power rise for full time use. The controller does this and is not selectable.
The boost is only used for unloading on the go I believe. On the 70 and 80 series combines there is an option to have it on all the time or just when unloading. But the rest I believe its just part time. We have a 2588 also. Enjoy it very much comparted the the 2388.
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