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Hello I am a technician with Agricultural Diesel Solutions and wanted to answer a few things about this question and our product. The module for your combine is a CNHCR3000 and comes with three settings of stock, 15%, and 30% increase of power. Understand these ratings are "up to" however a lot of farmers run these modules in high with tons of success and no engine lights. This particular module uses the common rail system and raises the pressure (never above safe factory limits) to give you more power and fuel savings. By adding more fuel it gives you a more complete combustion, essentially giving you more bang for your buck with every cylinder fire. Resulting in more power and fuel savings. All our modules come with a lifetime warranty and leave no fingerprint on your application. If you have anymore questions or are interested in our product or what we do feel free to e-mail me, check out the website, our Facebook page, or call the tech support line.

Email:[email protected]
Agricultural Diesel Solutions
Tech line: 812-618-9168
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