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Power up on 8010

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We also looked at an 06 8010 as well, one of the mechanics there said that you could wire the combine to fool it into thinking that it was unloading all the time and give the machine its horsepower boost all the time. Has anyone ever done this?
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No secret, operator can select the hp mode in the control screen, either Power Boost or Power Rise mode. The Power Rise mode is the one that will give full hp when needed without the unloader being activated but there is no additional hp when the unloader is activated either. This is the way all x120 2009 models will be from the factory, the ability to select hp mode is not longer there.
They tried to tell us you could have both on top of each other. I didn't think that was true but I am glad know whats up!!
Yes that is a true statement that the HP growth of the engine and the boost will be one on top of each other unlike all other manufacturers. The Power Rise mode gives you the full engine power growth AND the power boost when you need it even without the unloader engaged. The Power Boost mode will give you the engine power growth and then add the boost on top of that ONLY when the unloader is operating. That is the difference between the two modes.
So how many horsepower does this engine produce when it is at max power?
2006- 8010 model in Power Rise mode base 400 hp and grows to 450 hp max when it needs it.
Power boost mode base 400 hp engine has +25 hp growth =425 hp, then only when the unloader is operating +25hp boost for a total of 450 hp. When the unloader is turned off the engine maximum allowable horsepower goes back to 425.
Either mode it has a maximum of 450 hp it just differs in how it gets there.
Also looking at an 08 is the horsepower the same on that machine?
"This is the way all x120 2009 models will be from the factory, the ability to select hp mode is not longer there."

I believe the 7120 is selectable. 81/91 are not. At least that's what I've seen.
The 08-8010 is also 450hp maximum, 2006 to 2008 were all the same hp.

Yes torn, I stand corrected, the 7120 still has the selectable hp the 81-9120's do not.

While we are on the subject.

The 7120 is 415 hp maximum starting at 360hp with 55 hp growth (rise/boost combined)
The 8120 is 463 hp maximum starting at 420hp with 43 hp growth.
The 9120 is 523 hp maximum starting at 480hp with 43 hp growth.

I personally would stay away from an 06 model or at least stay away from the one I ran. I just never liked the way the engine ran and it didn't seem like it had solid power. I love my 2007 model.
What is the difference, I thought they had the same Iveco engine just with different software upgrades! This machine we are looking at had a engine compartment fire (scary I know, but has had 250 trouble free hours since). They said they put all of the case IH updates that were available for it in the winter of 07.

We look at this machine and it is clean, if it were a 2588 we would have bought it already, but being our first year for 8010s we are scared of the computers and right now just thirsty for information on them!

Thanks a bundle
I don't know what was going on with the 2006 model year. I don't think it was too many engines and I don't think Iveco really owned up to anything. BUT if you search back on here they had problems with the injectors on some machines and I also think they had cam issues.
Maybe it was only 3 or 4 machines......I don't know, I just didn't like the engine in my combine that year.
8010 power can be noticebly different between combines in the same year i have founf the overhead cam timing to be the culprit even in new machines we used to check it on predelivery and it was common on pre 2006 machines but still prevelant enough after to still check
I was one of the guys with the power problems. They put a new set of injectors in the machine at the tail end of the season and we didin't get to try it to see if that solved our problem. I anxiously anticipating wheat harvest (bout a week) to see if we got it fixed. Will update when I know.
redhat what year did the base hp on the 8010 go from 375 to 400 I thought it was `07 but you say the `06 has 400. the last 06 we sent out I believe said 375 on the nameplate. was there a serial number break? help me out here
I know the 03-04 models were 375 base hp with the 05-07 base power at 400. The new camshaft started at engine s/n 82159 and I think that relates to 2005 models. The engine tags were not changed for some time after and still read 375 on them for some reason. The 400 hp units had different fuel systems on them as well with different injectors along with the camshaft and the ECM calibration being different.
the s/n on this engine was 74119 what is different between the two camshafts know about different ecu software
Don't know the exact design differences between the two camshafts. Have been told that the newer camshaft matched up to the higher hp (larger injectors) for tier 3 emissions, different cylinder head on the engine and newer software. That is the reason why a 03-04 model 8010 can not be tuned up the 50hp "legally" with just a software update. It requires the other changes in components as well.
You said that 03-04 model 8010 can not be tuned up horsepower unless other chamges are made, what components need chagning
My understanding is it requires the entire top end of the engine (cyl head) due to fuel delivery system changes (fuel supply and injectors) along with camshaft and ECM software. The injectors are a completely different design and the cylinder head casting is different as a result. I would expect it would be to costly to change versus trading up to a later model.
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