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Powercast Tailboard on 9870

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Just bought a new 9870 and was wondering if the Powercast Tailboard is worth the extra $5000?? We do a no-till operation but have had no problems in the past with the straw and residue in wheat and durum!! Also heard some ppl say those extra 2 motors can draw some hp in tough conditions? Any thoughts
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They are worth every penny IMO, we have them on 4 combines with 40ft headers and they work great. They will spread 50ft on a windless day, the 70 series regular tailboard is wider than the 60 series and is capable of spreading 35ft. At night when your throwing the straw into the standing crop you can just turn it down so you don't have header trouble on the next pass. I would actually like to see some facts on how much HP they take. You only have to pay that 5gs once, cause if you trade it off the next combine will be ordered with it.
Wind usually dies down at night so and with the tougher straw it tends to throw a little farther. So we just turn them down about 40rpm and they no problem. The pattern doesn't really change, if you have relatively dry straw you can crank them up and spread into the standing crop and the new choppers cut fine enough that it will drop to the ground and not hand on the crop. Therefore you would get a perfect spread with no bare strips. We are seeding the first year after having the power tailboards we couldn't be happier. We would usually have to harrow most of our cereal stubble, last fall we left some fields and it worked great this spring. We couldn't be happier with them, the only thing that would be neat is if you could control each side individually so that you could compensate for the wind. I'm not sure where all the problems that the others mentioned are coming from, I was chopping up some grass green weeds at the end of the season and powercast even spread that, never plugged them.
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Heres a few from the farm show, it was in the upper position in is alot flatter while in chopping position. Heres few action shots from our farm as well, we had very tough straw in these pictures, it had almost a green tinge to it.

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Yes we heard about those after we got our combines and the dealer threw them in for us, but one could easily build them in about ten min.
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