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We are running a Hesston 4750 big square baler without knives. In straw we use the combine straw chopper with a deflector plate to windrow it, and then bale it. Works perfect. Nice short straw, which falls apart when you cut the wires. We also use the baler for baleage and then wrap it, but we would like to have the product chopped to be able to feed it easier in the barn. I saw the Krone has the 'pre-chopper' and Kuhn has something similar. I was thinking building a similar chopper in front of the pickup of our hesston baler. Does anyone who if there is something on the market for that? Or has experience with that?
I know there was a guy from Australia on Youtube who did that, but I can't find him anymore.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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