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Precision parts

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Just wondering if anyone is running any of these parts or can give an opinion of them? Im looking at selling some of their stuff. They claim some pretty impressive gains in capacity, fuel economy, and sample quality.
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In my 9650 Walker I run the HI inertia cylinder and back beater, both units are made by sunnybrooke and sold now by Deere dealers and pf parts etc, I have noticed considerable gains in fuel economy, Only have one season and cant comment on sample quality as of yet due to poor Kuchar concave last year, this season will be different and the true tests can be made. I would say I save almost a quarter of a tank a day in fuel in wheat.
I'm already familiar with Sunnybrook and have installed quite a few of their cylinders. These are not Sunnybrook parts. When I talked to Precision they said their design was superior to Sunnybrook's, it does a better job of threshing. With their STS feed accelerator they claim you'll never burn a belt again and less slugging in tough conditions. They basically guaranteed a 30% gain in capacity on an STS with all their components (elements, feed accel, discharge beater and speed-up kit, concaves) over a standard rotor machine. They give a 300 acre guarantee and have never had anyone return a part. It all sounds good but I was hoping to hear some real-world testimonials.
greentech: What is the cost on there system?? I would also like to hear from someone who runs there products.
The feed accelerator and discharge beater are $1595 each, rotor element kit is $2495, discharge beater speed-up kit is $300, and concaves are $1000 a piece. Hi-inertia cylinder for a wide-body 9000 series walker is $4295. They also have a beater speed-up kit for 9000 walker that gives an extra 50% speed vs. the 30% that a reversed Deere slow-down kit gives.
Have sunny brook Cylinder and Concave in a JD 9610. Actualy capacity and sample quanity didn't change much. Combine uses much less fuel per day. Maybe 25-30 gallons less. No cylinder vibration at all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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