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Unfortunately the TR 95 we had as a sample to look at is no longer here but we had put on a relief block in the system and I recall mounted it close to the actual drive motor. You see, we bought the next series in straight cut header when we bought the TR 95 that was really meant to fit on a TR 96 so the dealer had to mount up an auxiliary oil pump on the combine just to run the reel or pickup belts in the case of the other header. We must have been doing some downed crop or something and damaged some pickup reel bats by bending them and after repairing that we decided to put in the relief block to help avoid that in the future. What was missing though was a pressure gauge as there is no way of knowing what pressure one is setting it at unless there is one in the system. All we did was combine with it and the relief backed off and then turned it up so the reel seemed to function and pull in crop but would stall out if some extra gob of straw/dirt piled up in front of the combine. So I'd suggest a gauge be installed on the pressure side and then along with the relief valve can stick a board in the reel bats on the drive end ( to avoid twisting anything up ) and slowly raise the pressure as the front end is running with the reel stalled and then try combining with it to see if its able to feed in crop or stall out at the slightest thing and go from there with setting it.

We also put one on a honey bee header we still have and the make of the valve we used is a Sun Hydraulics and the model number was FAC and I searched online and came up with this page. At least it may give you the idea and starting point to put one on your machine. It has a knob and lock collar that is meant to use without tools for adjustment.

FAC | Manifolds » Line mount | Sun Hydraulics

How this was plumbed, its not actually inline with the pressure line but fitted to a T installed within the pressure line and then the relief side was also fitted to a T in that respective line. That way the oil flowed normally through the pressure and return lines until pressure went up to the point where it bypassed and then it just dumped through that valve into the return line bypassing the motor so the motor could only have torque to XXX amount of pressure set which I am sure was far less then the maximum pressure the pump could put out in our case.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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