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I thought some of you might be interested to know that we are getting ripped off with spare part prices in England. I have had to replace my pto shaft, hydro shaft, pulley hub and plate assembly in my 1680. I had a post running on and one reply mentioned that the price of a pto shaft was around $380, after looking up the English price I find it at over $1200 from my dealer. All the other parts are a similar price difference, more than double. I have now ordered all my parts from a dealer in Illinois who I know. I have also been told that my local JD dealer might have supplied the parts much cheaper, I have to find out if they can do this for combine parts, I know that they do it for tractor parts. Shipping comes to about $200 which is still a heck of a lot cheaper over $2000.00
I am thinking of writing to CNH to complain, probably won't do any good though. I bet that IH wouldn't have charged that much. Also there doesn't seem to be much Axial Flow advertising in England, I think they are trying to run it down, they could sell alot more with heavy demo-ing and hard advertising, as we find it the best combine we have ever used, big output without big bucks- as you might say.
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