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Pro 600 & Intelliview Plus II compatibility

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I posted this on the Tech thread, but thought I'd have a better shot of getting responses on here.

I have both an Intelliview Plus II (in a CR9040) and a Pro 600 (in a 3330 sprayer). We're trading for new tractors, combine, planter, and strip till bar. Can I use the Intelliview Plus II in a Case tractor to run a Case planter/strip till bar, or with a New Holland tractor with the Case implements? Or, can I use the Pro 600 in my New Holland combine? I'd like to get to one common system.

Right now it looks like we'll be Running a New Holland combine, Case planter and strip-till bar, and the tractors are a toss-up in price right now.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Those two displays are identical. You just need to have your dealer load the right software for whatever you're doing.
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