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Problem with bin full sensor.

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I have a 1688 and the sensor works fine except grain always gets behind it before it gets pushed in far enough to set off the alarm. I have a basic Maure extension. Anyone have a fix??? Never got used to cleaning grain off the combine roof.
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i have the same machine and ext. i had the same problem and got tired of the roof top ext also. i posted on another forum and an individual responded with taking a bolt and running it through the housing with a nut on both sides to act as jack bolt. position the bolt on the part of the flapper that is inside the housing. adjust the bolt just before the alarm goes off so it takes just a little pressure to set off. i did my that way last winter, but have yet to try it out.

I did the bolt through the sensor thing, drilled and tapped the face of the sensor just above the edge of the body for a 1/4" bolt, left the threads a little short so the bolt would be snug in the plastic and not need anything to hold it. Screw the bolt against the flapper till it trips and back it up a little, I too have not tried it but think it may be the cure. TORQUE
I have made sheilds to go around a lot of those sensors. They only have to be made of tin and I just cut a section out of the front so that the grain has to hit the paddle on the sensor before going behind it.
We had the same trouble on our 2388, my dealers ace combine mechanic said to buy the new style pressure sensor they use on the 6088's & junk the old style paddle sensor. I ended up trading the 2388 for a 6088, but if I hadn't I would have bought the new style sensor( about $50) I believe.

lab 123 is correct, the paddle stylr sensor subs to the pressure style. Problem solved, dont know why they always act up when extensions are installed something to do with the way the grain slides down when unloading.
We had a 2188 and with mauer ext. I put the newer style 'pressure sensor' and it worked awesome. Don't waste your time trying to make the old one work. If i remember right, it wasn't that expensive.
Thanks for the reply's. Might try getting it to work or price that new style sensor, that sounds appealing.
We bent the sensor bracket slighty forward at the top, this allows a little more room under the paddle for grain to run out when you unload. Problem solved! If you go under trees or wires recheck that the bracket didn't get bent back again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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