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Problem with diesel filters on 9570sts

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do you have number 1 diesel avialable, would mix tank with fuel, heck thats not cold, we have combined corn at 30-f in north dakota, usa, scott.
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I am from South Africa.We had very cold temperatures the last 2 weeks -8 C (18 F).(For us that is very very cold)The diesel froze, we only started working at 12 am.My 9570 computer started telling me the filter is block every day after the diesel has melted.I then fit new one's and work for the day.I asked my dealer way only my 9570 needs new diesel filters after the diesel has melted.They told me that not all the diesel melt and some gel stay in the filter.I asked them way only my 9570. They cloud not give me a answer .I would like to now if any of you have had this problem , and what do you do so that the diesel doesn't freeze.
It could be that you have a small amount of water built up in the fuel tank from condensation caused by large changes in the outside air temperature. you could try opening up the drain on the bottom of the fuel tank and letting a few litres drain out.
Bio-diesel?????? That's the only time I've experienced what you are explaining. I stay clear of any amount of Bio below 20F, unless I've got a heated Davco bolted on.
Good luck,
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