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We did our 9610 a while back and you do need 3 people for this, one skinny to get in on the walkers, and 2 strong lads to lift them out. I would recommend a stubby angled rattle gun as a minimum for this task as it will save you hours. rollig was spot on...remove one at a time. Removing the inspection covers on the sides gives you easy access to pass the tools inside and for them to hand the bolts back out.....remove the grease lines, you may need to remove the curtain aswell. We replaced the shafts, outer bearings, blocks, and the plastic wear dividers which I would do while they are out. Start on an outside one first so you can help remove some of the bolts for the person inside, once that ones gone it can make more room for them! Have fun and expect to find more stuff that needs fixing!
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