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pros & cons of a 7088 vs 7120

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I'm looking at trading in my '99 2388 on a new combine. Which model do most of you prefer. My salesman is pushing the 7088, while the head of the service department is pushing the 7120. Major crops are soybeans, wheat, and corn.

Also what type header would you prefer, currently looking at 30 ft, 35 ft case platforms (some farmers have had several major issues with the newer platforms) or a 35' case draper. Is there much maintence on the drapers? Fire ant mounds are a big problem here. How would the drapers hold up to the wet dirt in the mounds?
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We considered trading our '02 2388 for either a 6088 or 7088 last year but didn't. This fall we ended up renting a 1 yr old 7010 to harvest most of our corn. We never ran a 60/7088 but really like the 7010. Enough so that we traded for it after the 1st of the year.

If you haven't picked up one of the brochures from your CIH dealer I would recomend doing so as it will tell you all the differences between the two machines. It's really hard to compare them as they are two different types of machines.

Main reason we went with the 7010 is the way a lot of the drives are. Our thinking was the more we could get away from belts & such the better. On our 2388 we were constsntly having problems with the seperator drive belt, put 5 on one year and seemed to have to replace the rotor belt once a year. FWIW, our machine, though a '02 model, had the hyd cylinder engage instead of the pto & had the heavier rotor belt & shieves. It just seems to us that the rotor drive systems of the 10/20 series will give less problems, though no doubt more expensive to fix if you have a problem. Our dealer has a 7120 in the shop right now with a gearbox out.

One feature we didn't think we would use much but has came in handy is the ability to reverse the rotor. We had a lot of down corn this year & with all the damp days we slugged the rotor 4 or so times. With the 7010 we were able to open the concaves & power the slug back out in a matter of a minute or two compared to what probably would have been at least an hour with our old 2388 or one of the newer 88s. Another nice feature the 10/20s have is the self level sieves. We don't have much rolly ground but we felt we could see a difference where we do. Will also say that additional 75 peak hp really helped in poor conditions.

Couple other difference that we liked is not having the augers under the concaves, no return elevator to wear out, & the ability to change chopper speeds hydraulically.

I know several that have owned 2388s & purchased 7088s & like their machines. I doubt if you would be dissatisfied with either machine.

For heads we ran a 3212 (20") cornhead & traded for a 36' draper this week. Sounded as if you were considering putting your old platform on whatever you bought. While possible to do, our dealer & service manager highly advised against doing it. They said it works with the cornheads ( we had to put an adaptor on our 3212 to go from the 23 to the 7010 ) that we would be dissaisfied with it on our 30' 1020. Friends that have the 7088s all went to 35' 2020s. Some say they are alright & others don't care for them. Have yet to hear anything bad about the drapers other than cost. As dealer said, they haven't had anyone trade a draper in on a auger platform. Most of the ones I know with drapers on the 7010/20s are running 40'. We only raise 900 - 1,000 ac of beans so felt the 36' would do us. Ballance of crops is corn, no wheat.

Just my 2¢
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from a service stand point the 7088 is a easier machine to work on and diagnose a problem. The 7010 or 7120 breaks pick up the phone and call your dealer.
I have always thought that the 66and 88`s were built to light even though I always have thought they were the best performing combine out there, so when the heavier built 10`s came along I was sold, more power and heavy augers few belts. From a tech point of view if we had all 10`s and 20`s we could lay off half of our combine repair crew, on a performance standpoint I was very impressed with the job that the new 88`s did very clean sample and decent power. Several components are heavier : unload augers, elevators bubble up to mention a few ( aforementioned came from the`10`s ) so you can decide another year to get bugs out of the 88`s would help as there were issues the 20`s are ready to go now though
We traded our 2188 last year on a 7088. One of the determining factors for us, was that most of the operation of the machine was the same as our last two rotors and learning curve would be less for dad. Also $ were less for the 7088. We had a lot of mechanical problems with our machine this year that were items that had to be fixed by dealer. 7088 gave us a clean sample and seemed to have enough power. Also much better wight balanced from front to back than our old 2188. We bought a 30' 2020 head and adapted our 2208. Got along fairly well with 2208, but hate the 2020. Had alot of trouble in green stem beans getting them to feed evenly off of left side of head. This really hurt the overall performance of combine. Dealer wanted to trade us for a new 30' draper after first 100 acres, but they are twice the cost of a grainhead. Hope this helps. I hope that we have all of the gremlins out and will have a better year next season!
Not alot of difference in capasity. If you are looking for a fully functional Pro 600 plus all the luxuries of the cvt drives and reversable rotor the 7120/7010 is the way to go. You still get the most bang for your buck ($$$$$$) with a 7088. Both machines are well suited for 35' drapers and 12 row cornheads. If your looking for alot more capacity than your 2388, 8120's are the way to go.
From what I see in our shop, we had more breakdowns with the 88 series than the 10 series this year, but we don't even sell the 88 series machines anymore (too small for our area). We find that two machines with the same hours on them you will spend more on parts and labour on a 88 series, more parts to wear out.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the long response. However, I was not planning on keeping my 1020 head, I was just considering a 35' 2020 head or a 35' 2162 flex draper. I'm leaning towards the draper, but my dad wants the 2020 just because he has talked to another farmer that had bad experiences with a early model draper on a 8010. But if the current 2020 heads are like the ones on '05 and '06 I heard that they are junk compared to the older 1020 heads. Like I stated earlier, we have a big problem with fire ant mounds in beans and we currently have to use a hoe to rake the dirt of the floor when the mounds become wet.

I was thinking about keeping my 8r38 1084 corn head for a couple of years until I can update my corn planter and then switch to 30" or 20" corn. I know the feeder house is larger on the 7088 and 7120 compared to my 2388 so how would an adapter plate work in this situation?
Go with the draper head. Not sure what to tell u on corn head tho 34xx models are like the 1083's. Before that model there new holland john dee copied heads. So they won't cut the same.

Does that dealer have a lot of xx10's and Xx20's out??? If so that might be the way to go
About the only place you'll be raking dirt off a draper is in front of the center feeding belt. They will feed across just about anything you get up on the belts. One big plus of the draper is the hydraulic center adjusting ram........this will let you tip the draper back if you see ant mounds and maybe let it ride over them.
The newer model 2162's are a lot better design than the older 2062 model they replaced.

One of the best moves CIH made is when they hooked up with MacDon on their drapers.
so tm thinkin bout tradin in me old combean for a newen 1 but idk wat 2 be becuase i cant red the brund name on da sid of der tractar but i lik to furm tatos and oalive and i also lik oka and pees but me daddy dont want me to farm no mo so imma do it meself help plz
My suggestion is to stay away from the 2020 head and go with a 3020 or a draper (just my experience) On corn heads you will be much happier with a 44xx than you will be with a 34xx as they just do too much shelling at the head. All the above comments are based on my own personal experience in the field.
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